Hello world!

This is the first blog post for UDontKnow.Me — Welcome. Right off the bat, let’s make this one thing clear. You DON’T know me! (and never will totally) Next, it is equally true that I DON’T know you, either! So, let’s not pretend that we do, OK?

What you’re going to find here is explanations of my opinions on various topics pertaining to our present Western society, in general, as well as what I think about specific current events.

I created this site in response to the many stupid attacks that people like to make on social media based on who they think I am. Again, we will never know each other completely but as I share my opinions here (and as you accept my invitation to respond), we will surely increase our understanding of one another.

To Your Health and For His Glory!
Brother Tony O
THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant

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